Our Approach

GBJ Construction Ltd treat there customers property with the up most respect, ensuring all areas are protected from damage and dust. GBJ Construction Ltd have hand picked there staff to meet the companies needs. The company's needs are to ensure all of our customers are extremely happy with the works that have been carried out on there properties.

Our Story

GBJ Construction Ltd was founded by Lee Avery-Sherwood, a veteran of the British Army after serving 12.5 years and travelling all over the world. Being so disciplined and honest found it difficult working with other engineers that thought it was acceptable to cut corners and spend most of there time texting their mates. As Lee works to such high standards he has hand picked his work force to create a team that works hard with the same values as him. He ensures he staff have not only respect for his customers but for each other.

Meet the Team

A family run business


Lee Avery-Sherwood

Founder & Builder

Hard working Dad of 3  enjoys spending time with his family and playing rugby.


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